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New outside view cam

My viewers # 1 request is a view from the outside of the box. I have ordered a new camera and I expect it will become operational by May 7. It will be viewed at Woodiecam2.

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Woodaline is a very unique Wood Duck. She is the only hen that I have ever seen that does not take evening breaks. Maybe this will result in a hatch around day 28 instead of the average 30 days. We … Continue reading

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Dump nests:

A Dump nests is when several hen Wood Ducks lay eggs in 1 nest. This is a fairly commom practice among Wood Ducks and Redhead ducks. This has been studied and still no answer as to why they do this. … Continue reading

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Woodie Wood Duck’s Exodus

Woodie Wood Duck hatched an amazing 29 of 30 eggs. Unfortunately 2 of the babies did not survive which is not uncommon for a brood this large. We are thankful for the 27 that did make it out of the … Continue reading

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Donations – Woodiecam1 & 2 during Woodie Wood Duck’s nest cycle

Ivan in NC Beth in Ohio……A double donor. Kathleen in SC. Andrea in FL……A double donor. “IN memory of my pet duck Alfred” William in VA. Karen in MI……..A double donor. Andrew in MI. Pat in Australia. Lynn in SC. … Continue reading

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