Happenings up to 5/21/13

Wow. WoodieFrances had a lot going on during her nest cycle. Did you see the Hooded Merganser come into her nest while she was gone and steal that egg? There is a video of it at the Ustream Woodiecam1 site. She also had many intruder wood ducks, one of which broke an egg that I removed. I am amazed that she was able to complete her nest. 14 of 23 eggs hatched and all made it out. Check out the split screen X3 video on youtube. search youtube Woodiecam1 5/21/13. My friend SkydiveStu did the editing. I am streaming a new nest now in WoodiePiers box. We will call her WoodiePier2. She has 16 eggs and hatch watch starts June 10.

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