Plans, PDFs

24 INCH WOOD DUCK BOX This *.pdf file will show how the Wood Duck box is made, shows dimensions, and assembly.To view right side up, Right Click on the drawing and click Rotate View. The plans show the box made from 1X12 ” wood but 1X10 ” is better in some cases. Make the boxes from Cypress wood. Treated wood has chemicals such as Chromium, Copper and Arsenic that can harm Wood Ducks.

PREDATOR GUARD This *.pdf file shows how the Predator Guard is cut out of a 3 x 8 foot sheet of 26 ga. sheet metal. Note the overlap so that 3 guards can be made out of 1 sheet. This drawing shows the guard made for a round post. Four slits will have to be cut in the sheet metal to fit a 4X4 square post.

NEVER put a Wood Duck box on a tree. You will do far more harm than good. The boxes will become nothing more than death traps. Raccoons will eat the hen Wood Duck, Black Snakes will eat the eggs and sometimes kill the hen Wood Duck, and Squirrels will occupy the box instead of the Wood Duck.

Remember, When you put a man made box up you become responsible for that box.